Defending, Equipping, and Contending for the Christian Faith


Mission: The primary mission of LOGOS Apologetics is to contend for the orthodox Christian faith. It is the decidedly apologetic arm of Abundant Truth International Ministries, founded by Roderick L. Evans. LOGOS Apologetics is an apologetic ministry, distinctively didactic, committed to defending, equipping, and contending for the truth of the Christian faith.

The primary function of LOGOS Apologetics is identical to that of ATI Ministries, which is to: stand in defense of orthodox Christian faith and practice; that is, for the common salvation and faith that was once delivered to the saints (Jude 1:3), and to equip Christian organizations, churches, leaders, and laity through prophetic insight and biblical instruction (Ephesian 4:12-14).

Vision: LOGOS Apologetics is committed to the vision set by ATI Ministries which is: to see the Body of Christ equipped to proclaim, present, and preach the truth of God, and of Jesus and His Spirit, and of the Holy Scriptures. In addition, to teach leaders and laity how to give an answer for their faith and hope in Jesus Christ (I Peter 3:15). Moreover, to see the members of the Christian faith ready to contend for the faith through sound biblical exposition (Acts 17:2).

Motto: “In Defense of the Faith, Compelling Minds to Receive”

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