Defending, Equipping, and Contending for the Christian Faith

The Confident Christian: Seven Truths of the Assurance of Salvation

Salvation is God’s greatest gift to man which was provided to us by Christ Jesus. God sent Christ so that men would be saved from their sins and live in … Continue reading

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On Overcoming Christian Shame: Standing Boldly for the Gospel

Since its earliest days, Christianity has been the object of ridicule and debate. The actions of those who called themselves Christians did not help with the world’s view of Christianity. … Continue reading

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On Defending the Faith (Post 3): The Method of Christian Apologetics

A common expression is, “There is a method to the madness.” Though this expression is used to defend someone’s unorthodox ways to accomplish certain tasks, it partially holds true for … Continue reading

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On Defending the Faith (Post 2): The Mindset of Christian Apologetics

Relativism is an established doctrine of today’s society. Though there are those who hold to traditional values with respect to culture and religion, the global trend is to promote the … Continue reading

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On Defending the Faith (Post 1): The Mandate of Christian Apologetics

What is truth? This question posed by Pilate to Jesus has challenged philosophers, thinkers, and theologians. However (like Pilate who walked away after his inquiry) many who claim they are … Continue reading

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The Only Way to Eternal Salvation

Since its conception, Christianity has been the object of ridicule and rejection. Compounding its opposition, is the consistent refusal of individuals to accept God’s plan of salvation which only comes … Continue reading

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Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing (Entry 2): Eight Ministerial Activities of False Teachers, Prophets, and Ministers

Recognizing a false prophet or minister can be daunting at times. However, the Bible gives us clear guidelines as to how to identify someone who is misrepresenting God for their … Continue reading

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